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Frequently Asked Questions
About Window and Door Installations

Can you replace my homes windows without damaging my newly installed/painted trim?

Yes we can. In most cases our installations only require a bit of touch up paint over the new caulking sealant we apply on the interior.

I like the period look of my old wood windows; can you replace my old poorly operating leaky wood windows with a new window that looks correct for my home?

Yes. We have a product that provides high performance sash (the operating portion or wood frame around the glass) with new components that will give your home energy performance without sacrificing the period look of your home. We are also able to keep all the surrounding trim and woodwork intact.

Will the rock exterior of my home be damaged during the removal/replacement of my aluminum windows?

No, in most cases the mortar against the existing windows is chipped out but the new energy efficient window is much thicker and covers the old mortar joint. A new bead of sealant is applied around the exterior joint between the new window and rock exterior.

I have a door that is only about 5 years old and the wood jamb around it is already rotting. Can you provide a door and jamb that will not rot prematurely?

We can order products with Auralast© wood jambs and trim that is warranted for 20 years.

How long does it take to replace my homes windows?

The average home takes about two to three days. Most of the products we install take about two to three weeks to receive from the date of order.

I have a wood sided home and have considered new windows, but am put off by other projects I’ve seen where the new windows require larger trim or an additional trim piece added. Why does this happen?

Most projects like the one you describe are done with ‘off the shelf’ windows that are ½” to several inches different from the original window. Our windows are measured to fit your home so an upgrade performed by Hill Country Windows and Doors will look attractive and not take away from the look of your home.

Can I see homes in our area that you have replaced the windows on?

Yes, we have a list of homes in Fredericksburg, Kerrville and the surrounding areas that we have completed.

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