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Window Types

Awning Window

awning windowAn awning window is appropriate for many architectural styles, and it looks intriguing when grouped with other window types. It is hinged at the top and opens out from the bottom in an upward swing.

Bay Window

bay windowThis type of window is ideal for traditional or Victorian architecture, and increases the sense of openness in any room. A bay window is composed of three or more individual units. The center unit is parallel to the exterior wall with side or flanking units aligned at 30- or 45-degree angles.

Bow Window

bow windowA bow window subtly increases interior spaces by extending outward to create the illusion of a rounded exterior wall. A bow window consists of a series of four or more (commonly five) adjoining window units that are installed on a radius from the wall of the building.

Casement Window

casement windowA casement window perfectly complements the simplicity of modern design, while also providing maximum ventilation. This type of window is hinged on either side so the sash opens outward, to the right or left, in a swinging motion. We also offer push out casements that operate with unobtrusive friction hinges for a particularly clean look.


Double-Hung Window

double-hung windowThis window is best suited to traditional architectural styles. Double-hung windows feature an upper and lower sash that slide vertically past each other in a single frame. In some cases, the sash tilt in for easy cleaning. We also offer a range of double-hung replacement windows, which are perfect for remodeling projects.


Garden Window

garden windowWith a garden window, you can add a little greenhouse to any room. This is a projecting, three-sided window that includes one shelf, a glass top and a single-hung window on each side for maximum air circulation.


Radius and Geometric Window

radius-geometric windowRadius and geometric windows let you showcase beautiful views and create intriguing arrangements with other window types. A geometric window has a shape with straight edges (e.g., rectangle or octagon), and a radius window has a circular or arched top shape.


Sidelight Window

sidelight windowA sidelight brings a beautiful radiance to nearly any entry or patio door. It is simply a window installed on one or both sides of the door.


Single-Hung Window

single-hung windowA single-hung window provides a classic appearance to any home. It features a stationary top sash and a bottom sash that slides vertically. We offer single-hung tilt windows with sash that tilt inside your home, as well as single-hung, side-load windows with removable sash. Both are designed for easy cleaning.



slider windowSlider windows feature clean lines for a streamlined look. This type of window has one stationary sash and one sash that glides to the right or left horizontally in grooves or tracks.



transom windowBring additional visual interest to your home with a transom. This type of window is set above another window or a door. It can be either stationary or operational.